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Career Training

Whether you’re looking to start a career in IT, change careers or advance in your current one, Then, look no further because you are in the right place

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Training Center

We have nine training centers in Nigeria. You can choose from our training facilities for the one closest to you…

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Great Support

We provide free support for customers from Monday to Saturday. Contact us for any issues you have

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To SKILL UP and Get that Dream Job starts here. Stop Searching!


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Our Courses

Gain competitive advantage and give yourself a good start to a rewarding career by enrolling for any of our professional courses


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Diploma Web Development (HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript)

For the beginner, starting to learn web development can
Full-stack Web Developer

Cisco (CCNP) – Implementing Cisco® Switched Networks v2.0 (SWITCH)

SWITCH v2.0, includes major updates and follows an updated
Networking Fundamentals

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+)

In this course, which prepares you for the CompTIA
Cyber Security

Certified Internet of Things (IoT) Practitioner

IT professionals often have little or no experience working
NextGen Skills

Diploma Web Development (HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript)

For the beginner, starting to learn web development can
Full-stack Web Developer

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+ training from New Horizons NH Computer Learning
Cyber Security

Big Data on AWS

Big Data on AWS introduces you to cloud-based big
NextGen Skills
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